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Cloud Computing means doing DevOps.

When you are migrating to the cloud and building a cloud practice, you have to develop your DevOps practice as well. The line between the two has become indistinguishable.

CASE STUDY: 42 North – Healthcare DevOps

As 42 North deals with Protected Health Information (PHI) data, they are required to follow HIPAA guidelines when managing, storing, and transmitting data.

CASE STUDY: Rise Interactive – DevOps on AWS

About Rise Interactive Rise Interactive is a Chicago-based digital marketing agency specializing in media, analytics, and customer experience. The agency helps marketing leaders make smarter investment decisions, grounded in data insights. Rise works with enterprise-level brands across all channels of digital marketing. An award-winning agency, Rise is a recognized leader in the marketing space and has received industry recognition for explosive growth, excellence in digital marketing, and company culture.Read more

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