User-friendly High-Performance Computing On-Demand.

Managing HPC Complexity through an Interactive Interface.

Utilizing the power of Amazon Web Services (AWS) to automate results faster and accelerate overall time-to-value.

Designed to help scientists and engineers get to conclusions faster, Six Nines’ new High Performance Computing (HPC) tool taps into the nearly infinite resources of AWS while simplifying job scheduling, cluster management, and resource scaling. By developing, packaging, and supporting the best HPC orchestration and management tools, Six Nines HPC abstracts the complexity of HPC away so you can focus on results.

FASTER TIME-TO-VALUE FOR ALL HPC NEEDS One of only 35 Premier Consulting Partners in North America, Six Nines understands the complexity of HPC, the overall value of faster time-to-market, and how to architect the pathway to get there.


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Cadence – HPC in the cloud

Cadence was looking for a way to augment the compute needs of their software developers and provide greater agility and consistency. With everyone working out of a single environment, a common server farm with thousands of machines, different workload types and users competed with each other for resources.

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HPC on AWS - Service Deliverables & Value

Expert Design and Configuration

Configure VPN & Advanced Networking

HPC Scheduler and Agent Installation

Maximize HPC usability & effectiveness

Reduce data transfer with remote file management

Simple publishing of complex services


Six Nines has created a unique new product that serves as a streamlined turnkey HPC solution for those who prefer a less complex, straightforward approach while maintaining sufficient adaptability to fit each unique use case. In the time it takes to boot an image, the user has full access to a production-ready, infinitely scalable HPC cluster.


For large-scale clusters where every thread counts, many organizations require greater flexibility. Six Nines HPC leverages best-in-class tools and is fully customizable. Additionally, Six Nines’ skilled engineers can work with a customer’s team to deliver and fully tune any environment to meet all needs, from low latency instances to high-speed storage, optimized threading, GPU optimization and more.

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