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CASE STUDY: INSZoom – Migrating from Colocation to AWS Cloud

INSZoom is the world’s largest immigration software company, with solutions for immigration lawyers, corporations, universities, healthcare organizations and nonprofit groups. They provide a comprehensive platform that allows clients to share and process valuable information online, process immigration applications quickly and stay compliant while doing so.

INSZoom wanted to migrate their production environment from a colocation facility to AWS and looked for an AWS partner to build the infrastructure using AWS services and best practices. Their key requirements were around performance gains and cost improvements.

Six Nines conducted an in-depth discovery and review of the current infrastructure with INSZoom and developed a strategy for the deployment of new resources. The study included a recommended infrastructure which adheres to best practices in regards to security, reliability, performance efficiency and cost optimization.

Six Nines utilized the following AWS services in the final solution:

  • VPC
    • Production, Staging, Development and Operations VPCs
    • Separate public subnets along with private application and database subnets
    • Private subnets built utilizing new NAT Gateway service
    • VPN connections from office to each of the four VPCs
  • EC2
    • Autoscaled and Load Balanced Web Hosts
    • MSSQL Server
    • Active Directory
    • Various Job Servers
  • CloudFormation
    • All VPC infrastructure built and launched via Cloudformation
    • Various tiers of the application, including the web application with ASG and ELB, built and launched via template, enabling the rapid testing and deployment of multiple environments in a short time frame.

Six Nines built an infrastructure on AWS which included a VPC with 2 AZ’s in us-east-1 designed for High-Availability and Fault-Tolerance with one public and two private subnets. The public subnet held the bastion host who was used to RDP into the private subnets bastion host. The bastion hosts in each private subnet were the only devices provisioned to access the individual application and database servers. Additional subnets were segregated and held the tiered servers.

By utilizing Auto Scaling Groups and Load Balancers on the primary web application, the customer was able to realize cost and performance benefits to their web application. Without the need to run multiple idle servers 24 x7,  INSZoom is now able to reduce their spending while still having the flexibility to meet demand during peak operations.


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