CI/CD Processes and Mature Operational Automation

Our approach to DevOps

As one of the original Amazon Web Services Consulting Partners, Six Nines has helped over 250 customers migrate to AWS since 2009. Our mission is to help customers move to the cloud responsibly. We approach every project with a focus on the AWS Cloud Adoption Framework and DevOps Automation. We work with our customers to design the appropriate software-defined infrastructure to meet their needs, based on AWS DevOps best practices.

AWS provides services and tools to help customers run their infrastructure and services in an agile, cost-effective, highly performant manner. Specific to DevOps, Six Nines uses the base unit of cloud automation, CloudFormation Templates to enable an SDLC approach to IT Infrastructure. We are also deeply skilled in the AWS DevOps Tools such as Elastic Beanstalk, OpsWorks, CodeCommit, CodeDeploy, CodePipeline, Lambda, and CloudTrail Auditing.

Whether you need to establish a green-field AWS infrastructure environment, build Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery processes, or establish mature operational automation of your environment, the Six Nines team of AWS certified engineers and architects can help you build AWS DevOps capabilities and move to the cloud responsibly.

Other AWS Services

Featured DevOps Customers

Cadence - DevOps Customer Story

Cadence was looking for a more cost-effective way to augment the compute needs of their software developers, and provide greater agility and consistency. With everyone working out of a single environment, a common server farm with thousands of machines, different workload types and users competed with each other for resources. (read more)

Rise Interactive - DevOps Customer Story

Rise Interactive provides a proprietary personalization solution that utilizes machine learning and cross-channel data integration to help its clients connect to their customers. The solution provides recommendations for targeted and personalized messaging. (read more)

42 North RX - DevOps Customer Story

Following early success, the company has grown its customer base and found that their current on-premises solution was inadequate to meet their forecasted demand. 42 North reached out to Six Nines for assistance in helping them move to a secure, modern cloud infrastructure and implement DevOps principles for efficiency and consistency. (read more) 

INSZoom - DevOps Customer Story

INSZoom wanted to migrate their production environment from a colocation facility to AWS and looked for an AWS partner to build the infrastructure using AWS services and best practices. Their key requirements (read more)

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