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As one of the first Amazon Web Services Consulting Partners, Six Nines has helped over 250 customers migrate to AWS since 2009. Our mission is to help customers move to the cloud responsibly.

Six Nines brings our expertise to bear in both AWS and Microsoft workloads to provide an integrated experience while combining the two best in class technologies. We work with businesses to help them leverage Microsoft workloads, such as Microsoft SQL, Windows Server, Active Directory, Exchange and SharePoint to gain the flexibility and resiliency of the AWS cloud.

By designing, deploying and supporting fully integrated Microsoft solutions on AWS, we help customers gain the agility, resiliency, and security they need to lead in their respective fields.

Other AWS Services

Featured Microsoft on AWS Customers

Pharos Innovations - MSFT on AWS Customer Story

Pharos Innovations is a medical technology provider processing PHI data. As such, they fell under the jurisdiction of HIPAA regulations and were having trouble scaling their architecture with their on-premise data center. (read more)

Zola Suite -MSFT on AWS Customer Story

Six Nines engaged with Zola Media with a full turn-key migration of their on-premise CRM infrastructure to Amazon Web Services (AWS). The migration enabled Zola Suite to scale quickly and dynamically by utilizing EC2’s elastic features, including Elastic Load Balancing (ELB) and Amazon’s redundant object storage offering, S3. (read more)

Microsoft Application Modernization

For years, Microsoft has led the market as the go-to platform to support mission-critical applications. Many of these workloads, after serving organizations for a decade or more, are still in use and as necessary as the day they were built. So, as datacenter age and, more recently, as workloads migrate to the cloud, where does that leave these Microsoft Applications?

Six Nines, as an expert in AWS and Microsoft technologies, helps organizations take their legacy applications and build a modern well-architected framework around them. Modernizing an application requires more than a “lift-and-shift” action. In many cases, adequate security and replication policies may not be possible without rethinking how the application will function after removing the traditional physical hardware and placing the application on a cloud platform.

Six Nines helps customers:

Increase Availability: By taking advantage of an HA Cloud Architecture

Licensing Flexibility: Define the lowest cost licensing structure available

Implement CI/CD pipeline: To increase security and performance

Enable compliance: By building security best practice into server access and data flow.

Reduce CapEx: by right-sizing the environment in a flexible cloud environment.

In short, Six Nines can take a legacy application and built it into a framework to ensure uptime, security, and cost optimization standards are met and exceeded.

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