Six Nines is dedicated to helping customers accelerate cloud adoption and reduce risk

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Cloud Responsibly

Six Nines is a Premier Consulting Partner in the AWS Partner Network (APN) and AWS Solution Provider specializing in helping businesses migrate to the cloud responsibly. A member of the APN since its inception, Six Nines has successfully migrated hundreds of customers across all industries to the cloud and offers an unparalleled combination of speed, agility, experience to deliver accelerated solutions and rapid time-to-value. We combine old-school, on-premises IT roots together with deep expertise and a laser focus on all things AWS to deliver bespoke solutions that are individually tailored to meet customers’ unique needs throughout the cloud lifecycle. 

Six Nines offers a full range of expert-level cloud consulting services to accelerate cloud adoption and reduce risk – including our proprietary five-phase cloud adoption framework, AWS Well-Architected Review, Migration Assessments, and Cloud CIO™ Cost & Billing Optimization – with a core focus on High-Performance Computing (HPC) and Microsoft Workloads on AWS. One of only 35 AWS Premier-tier Consulting Partners in North America, Six Nines holds the AWS DevOps and Microsoft Workloads competencies. 

 Six Nines was founded in 2008 with the concept that companies would need a new type of partnership to help them move responsibly to the emerging cloud ecosystem. Over the past decade, we’ve successfully architected, deployed and managed hundreds of cloud transformations from start to finish.  

 Six Nines is headquartered in Oakland, California with offices in Chicago, Boston, Austin, Colorado Springs, and Bangalore.

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High Performance Computing (HPC)

Leverage limitless cloud resources to do more in less time.

DevOps Principles

Deploy software fast and predictably with CI/CD and DevOps.

Windows Workloads

Migrate and run Windows applications in the cloud responsibly.

Trusted Cloud Advisors

A decade of experience performing hundreds of cloud transformations across all industries.

Cloud Architecture Framework

Accelerate cloud adoption and reduce risk.

Deeply Technical

Highly-skilled, deeply experienced team of AWS-certified engineers.

Get There Faster

We move fast to accelerate time-to-delivery, time-to-market, and time-to-value.