Going Native on AWS: 3 Cloud Management Tools You Need

Going Native on AWS: 3 Cloud Management Tools You Need by Kartik Nighojkar, Technical Contributor     The ability to manage your cloud resources in a straight forward, fast manner is invaluable to running an effective infrastructure. In both cloud and hybrid infrastructures, management tools allow organizations to cut costs, increase efficiency, and prevent unwanted downtime. Multiple software solutions exist to aid in resource management, from both third-party sources as wellRead more

Six Nines: AWS re:Invent Recap

Six Nines: AWS re:Invent Recap   Wow, what an incredible week in Las Vegas. If you were there, I’m sure you are as exhausted as my team. re:Invent weeks always serve as a reminder of just how fast AWS and the cloud industry is moving. It felt like a new, relevant announcement was made on an hourly basis. Now that we are all settled back into our daily work schedules,Read more