Using Azure and Pure Storage to Scale EDA Workloads

Recently, Microsoft needed a partner to help a leading chip producer with their expansion of their HPC clusters bursting into the cloud, to solve both scalability and time to implement issues they were having with on-prem space and rack/stack delays. They turned to Six Nines to help them burst to the Azure cloud with on-demand virtual machines and test several of their storage offerings. Due to the nature of EDARead more

What are your Spot Instance options on AWS, Azure, and Google?

What are your Spot Instance options on AWS, Azure, and Google? by Nitheesh Poojary, Six Nines IT, Cloud Architect The usage of Spot Instances can play a key role in reducing your cloud costs. AWS, Google, and Azure all provide the option to use Spot Instances. For example, Spot Instances are very useful in both batch processing and high-performance clusters, as well as web server fleets with variable workloads.Read more

CASE STUDY: Pharos Innovations – Microsoft on AWS Engagement

Customer Overview: Pharos Innovations is a SaaS platform that incentivizes performance and value-based healthcare. The Pharos platform works by decreasing avoidable inpatient utilization, driving individual patient behavioral change, leverage real-time patient health data, and develop sustainable and efficient care management models. By utilizing advanced algorithms and daily patient surveys, the platform analyzes patient responses flagging outliers and providing real-time feedback to the patient. Partner Overview Six Nines IT isRead more

CASE STUDY:  Zola Suite – Microsoft on AWS Engagement

About Zola Suite: Zola Suite, a Zola Media company, provides a cloud-based legal practice management software. As an all-in-one SaaS CRM solution, Zola Suite provides case management capabilities (such as Tasks, Notes, Calendaring), an email system, a billing and accounting system as well as reports and analytics. The Challenge: Zola Suite was experiencing significant growth through their customer base. This growth was causing significant strain to their on-premise environment.Read more