Studio in the Cloud with Unreal Engine 5

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Assemble your game development team and create immersive games using Unreal Engine 5—all within the cloud.



Studio in the Cloud with Unreal Engine 5 is a virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) solution custom-made for game development studios. It comes pre-installed with the latest version of Unreal Engine 5 to design and develop your next big game, NICE DCV to create your team’s cloud workstations and is built on AWS for reliability and scaling.

How It Works

All you need is an Amazon Web Services (AWS) account to launch our free marketplace offering. Installing the offering launches the Studio in the Cloud interface where you can easily create and connect to virtual workstations without the need for technical cloud expertise.


Unreal Engine 5

Jump right into collaborating with your team to design and develop your next big game using Unreal Engine 5. This next-gen 3D content and experience engine provides you with the tools to channel your imagination and produce leading-edge games.


Launch responsive, high-quality remote desktop experiences with NICE DCV that eliminate the need for expensive, physical desktops without sacrificing responsiveness or image quality.

Amazon Web Services

Scale your game development studio at a cost-efficient rate with AWS’ global infrastructure.

Ready to bring your game development studio to the cloud?


  • Simple, easy-to-use UI that allows you to spin up workstations quickly
  • Manual start/stop workstation toggle to control usage
  • Built-in cost estimator for AWS instance and disk usage

Additional Use Cases

  • Animation
  • Architecture
  • Automotive & Transportation
  • Broadcast & Live Events
  • Extended Reality (XR)

  • Film & Television
  • Human-Machine Interface
  • Simulation
  • Virtual Production

Frequently Asked Questions