Customize Your Studio

Thank you for using Studio in the Cloud with Unreal Engine 5 – Game Development Demo!

Looking to take your studio to the next level? We’ll tailor your Studio in the Cloud to fit your requirements from implementing burst rendering and enhanced storage capabilities to increasing security measures and connectivity speeds. Learn more about customizations and contact our team to get started.

Customizations and Upgrades

Burst Rendering

Increase productivity and reduce time-to-market with burst rendering. Utilize AWS Thinkbox and tailored high-performance compute (HPC) implementations to remove rendering bottlenecks, scale workloads and reduce costs—all within the cloud.


Connect your on-prem services to your cloud environment to reuse existing infrastructure, get access to existing assets with Perforce and manage users with integrated identity management software.

Cost Awareness

Keep track of your costs with a built-in usage and estimate calculator that allows you to visualize the cost of upgrading and downgrading your studio.


Fortify your studio and its assets with security measures such as multi-factor authentication (MFA), single-sign-on (SSO) cloud software and more.


Expand your studio’s storage capabilities to bigger, faster and interconnected options: Scale your storage up and down based on your needs, harness the cloud’s high-speed storage capabilities with low latency, high availability and transfer data from your on-prem network to the cloud.


Increase the number of different instance types available to you, launch customized images for your workstations and add a user portal to connect to assigned workstations.

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